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A House and a Garden

nimtim architects were approached by the client to create a new side and rear ground floor extension to an early 20th century semi-detached house in Lambeth. The extension had to resolve a number of existing issues at the property including extremely unstable ground conditions, poor access to the garden and very severe overlooking from a newly-built block of apartments at the back of the garden.


nimtim proposed an addition that tied into the existing garage extension creating a new element to the house that was considered as a single entity. Composed of a series of stepping forms in plan, the new addition includes two large pivot doors to connect visually and physically to the large garden.

A large picture window onto the garden is framed by deep timber louvres that provide privacy and reduce overlooking from the neighbours. A slot roof light over the kitchen and a glazed roof to the side extension flood the new and existing spaces with natural light. The external walls of the extension are in a painted, textured render to tie the extension into the existing house.


The project was approved by Lambeth in 2016 and work completed late summer 2017.  

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