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Title (Heading 6)


Text style paragraph 1, always divided in two columns

Every page started with a big image large as the page (980px). The image's position should be the same as one above, aligned with the top blue horizontal guide (y: 335px)

The space between objects and text boxes is always:

- 20 px in the desktop version (you can use the thin strip boxes below as guide or just type in the distance in the position box in the toolbar)

- 10 px in the mobile version


Others photos/images can be arranged in different layouts following when possible the main grid layout (light blue lines). See below some examples. 

Delate all the Context box and all the unused 20px strips

In the mobile versions, all the photos have the same width (280px) and the stack one above the other. The text should be automatically resized.


Adjust the strip height to meet the height of the text boxes using the handle that appears on the bottom edge of the strip when this one is selected.

Try to keep the two columns even but do not divide a paragraph in two different columns, this can create an error in the mobile version. 

Hide the 20px strips in the mobile version (select the strips and click on the eye icon next to it)  

Rename the page name (select the page from Menus&Pages > dots > SEO basic and type the correct name without spaces)

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