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Forest Hill Design Workshop

nimtim architects were invited to participate in a design workshop focusing on the future of Forest Hill and its public spaces. Our group which included local designers, futurologists and shop-keepers was tasked with looking at Dartmouth Road, a shopping street in dire need of improvement.


We took the view that the street had some existing qualities that could be utilised and incorporated into a more coherent and ambitious vision. Our concept proposed a series of themed public spaces along the street, adapting existing spaces and connecting them across the road to the shops.

This would include natural traffic calming measures as well as allowing the potential for the road to be completely pedestrianised for weekend events etc.


Along with the other groups, we presented our ideas to some of Forest Hills residents. The ideas are currently being developed in partnership with Lewisham with the view to incorporate them into the 10-year vision for Forest Hill.

eat square
play square
site plan
grow square
sports square
book square
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