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Kitchen Garden

A sensitive and  subtle addition to a victorian terraced house that immerses the  kitchen within a richly landscaped rear garden. 


The existing garden was disconnected from the house: overlooked and unloved. The kitchen was narrow and  the house lacked space for the family to come together . Nimtim’s solution was to consider the internal and external as a whole. Rather than designing a conventional full width rear extension, Nimtim drew the garden down the neglected side passage and  pulled the new kitchen into the landscape. This  new space is bookended by greenery which is framed by thin steel windows and a glass roof above: materials that  reinforce its external feel. 


The smaller rear extension, with London stock brick and simple lead flashing , responds respectfully to the material and scale of the existing house. Chalky white walls, polished concrete floors, and rich timber tones, form a tranquil, gallery-like setting. A space for the family to enjoy views of the garden through large floor to ceiling openings. 


Nimtim designed the new garden around existing trees and shrubs to create a richly textured and layered planting scheme that compliments and contrasts with the restrained and simple materiality of the architecture. 

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