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We’ve been working alongside KCA, Office Sian, Studio Gil & ONB on a scheme to renew the Ledbury Estate in Peckham for Southwark Council. The proposals will re-provide 224 council homes for existing residents with 116 mixed-tenure homes. The proposals recently received planning approval.


The renewal by Southwark Council was decided upon following concerns raised in 2017 by residents regarding fire safety and the structural integrity of the four existing tower blocks on the estate. Having evaluated options for the retention and replacement of buildings, residents voted via ballot in 2021 for renewal to take place. Our strategic proposals are the outcome of sustained engagement and co-design with the estate community who have been directly involved in the design process to steer decisions on all aspects of the scheme. Work is planned to begin on-site later this year. 

Nimtim architects focused on new areas of public realm and a new shared amenity/play space to the south of the site. The proposals responded directly to resident feedback from workshops run alongside our collaborators. We created a space for young adults to gather safely on the corner facing the existing park. Along the street edges, we created curved rain gardens to reduce surface flooding & create a playful interface with the new buildings. The new shared space stitches into an original shared courtyard: taking existing features and reinventing them as objects for play and exploration.

Main image © @utopika.visual

Ledbury Estate
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