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An internal reconfiguration and reimagining of an existing office space for Lambeth and Southwark MIND in Brixton. Drawing on current and emerging research around mental health facilities and spaces, the project seeks to reinvent the existing space as somewhere that provides a sense of comfort and ownership to everyone who uses it - staff and patients.


The proposal identifies the key therapeutic rooms and defines them as singular objects within a shared and flexible space. These rooms are sized according to need and acoustically separated. Glazed sections above head height allow natural light to permeate into all of the spaces.  


A new space is defined between these objects - an interstitial space that does not clearly belong to either staff or clients or used for specific or pre-determined functions.

The democratic and flexible nature of the interstitial areas creates a dynamic and active space for everyone, removing perceived barriers of territory and stigma around therapy. As demonstrated by a number of studies, the friendly and active space creates a more comfortable backdrop for therapy and improved mental well-being. The flexible nature of the space also overcomes the restrictions of the floor area by allowing some spaces to be used for a variety of functions at different times.


nimtim are now working with MIND to find sponsors and supporters to help deliver the project. We’re keen to hear from anyone who would like to get involved.

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