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Tall House

This unusual house appears as 2 storey from the front, however due to the local topography heightens to 5 storeys at the rear. This allows some spectacular views of the capital from the rear but an awkward layout for day to day living. nimtim’s proposal reconfigures the current layout to create considered clear living spaces that respond to the unusual form of the house and also the lifestyle of the clients.


On the lower ground floor the existing warren of small rooms are opened up to create a spacious kitchen dining and living area with a double height void to the rear. The void capitalises on the verticality of the house, allowing more light in through a double storey height fixed window whilst also creating a better connection to the back garden with openings onto the back terrace and stairs down to the garden.

In the basement area a poor quality extension is demolished and new utility space is designed.


On the ground floor a flexible living room/ guest bedroom is created  alongside a shower room. A further 2 bedrooms are found above and on the top floor a master suite with bedroom, study space and bathroom. Up here a large roof light  dramatically frame the views of the capital beyond.


From the front the house is read as before but from the rear a contemporary design of metal windows is a striking contemporary insertion that allows the internal areas to be read as a cohesive whole.

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