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Tin Hat

We were approached by the new owners of an end of terrace property who were looking to convert two existing flats into a single family dwelling. The end of terrace house faces onto Wanstead Flats in East London - originally part of the royal ‘Great Forest’ and used as a grassy heathland from the 12th century for grazing sheep. We proposed removing the poor quality existing rear addition altogether and radically shifting the location of key living spaces to address this unique location and provide a better connection to this vast open green space.

We added a side extension at ground floor, a new side entrance and a full width rear dormer loft conversion. At ground level, the new side extension provides better living accommodation and connection to the small garden. The side addition extends 1.5m from the existing flank wall to the pavement line. The extension provides 6m2 of additional living area internally. The kitchen/ dining is moved to the front of the house - taking advantage of views over the park opposite with the living room at the rear facing the garden.

One of the main priorities for the family was to have greater privacy and security for the rear garden which faces onto the street. A new 2m high brick wall is proposed here in brick to match the bulk of the existing house. A new side entrance is created from the pavement to provide a more usable and user-friendly layout. The main entrance is shifted to the side of the house with a new larger entrance hall with WC and utility space. The side wall to the street is rationalised and simplified to provide better privacy and security for the household. This side wall is articulated with protruding brickwork and recessed alcoves for lighting, door bell and a boot scraper. A small courtyard space for storing buggies and bicycles is created between the pavement and the house.

The existing and new extension are consolidated into a new coherent single element with a lightweight natural metal roof that sits above the new garden wall element. The metal roof allows a low pitched and consistent roof minimising height on the boundary to both the street and the neighbouring property.

Photography by Megan Taylor

03_nimtim architects_Tin Hat_key image_Megan Taylor.jpg
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