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Twin Peaks

A sensitive and playful reworking of a locally listed villa in Peckham. The project rationalised existing spaces and added a series of extensions that relate comfortably with the existing house and define a new relationship to the garden.

Our clients bought this period property in Peckham South London and needed it to be updated to meet their current and future family needs. The villa sits within a Conservation Area and is a Local Listed property with LB Southwark identifying it as part of a series of  ‘buildings that make a positive contribution’. This context required a sensitive and thoughtful response particularly as any additions would be visible from the public realm with a road running along the side of the house.

As always we started with an intense period of discussion & exploration with the household to understand their objectives and ambitions for the project using our ‘briefing game’ as a vehicle for this dialogue. From this we identified the importance for flexibility, connectivity between internal spaces and the garden and the need to maximise light on a North-facing rear elevation. These requirements had to be balanced against a complex existing layout and the sensitive historical context.

We proposed a rear addition that was conceived as two small ‘sister’ extensions that are connected internally via a new glazed colonnade. They reference the proportions of the original house, create new connections between front and back and define a new relationship between inside and out and the garden.

These two ‘sister’ elements have matching pitched roof forms culminating with rooflights at their apex to create a dramatic and light-filled space internally. These rooflights take inspiration from the artist James Turrell and act as a hole in the ceiling through which to view the sky - a mindful experience to help further connect these new spaces to the outside.

Between these elements is a colonnade which acts as a linking space, joining and unifying the two extensions. This element is filled with daylight from the glazed roof above and is a sheltered spot to sit and view the garden from the timber framed fixed windows.

Above all, this project seeks to respect and celebrate the character of the existing villa while creating a calm and nurturing family home.


Photographs by Jim Stephenson

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