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Walled Garden

The existing layout of this split level flat was fractured. Private and more 'public' entertaining spaces were split over both floors with little connection to each other or the mature, walled garden to the rear. Entrance points on both floors adding to the confused layout and separate functions.


Working playfully with the client to understand how they used the space currently, as well as how they want to use the space, nimtim proposed a stronger division horizontally between the floors with vertical connections both visually and spatially. The two entrances are retained, however emphasis was given to the lower ground floor entrance as the main entrance to the kitchen, dining and living space.


The mature walled garden offers an oasis; private and calm, the enveloping garden walls enclose the garden while continuing inside to create a greater cohesion between the inside and the outside.

Rear openings to the upper and lower ground floors have slender frames to give uninterrupted views into the garden while transparency and light give views between floors and other internal spaces.


The upper floor recreates the garden oasis, providing a private master suite and snug - a place for the clients to retreat. Connection is kept with the lower floors through a double height void, and transparent flooring, helping light permeate downwards and allowing vistas of the garden from the upper floor. At the lower level to the front a flexible layout of rooms allows the front part of the house to be completely separated for visitors.


Materially the palette references the walled garden once more. Materials are raw and earthy. Colours are muted.

proposed layout

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