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Nimi to chair "Action through Collaboration" at Morris+Co

Nimi has been invited to chair this panel event with Morris+Company and Freehaus next Wednesday the 29th June.

The Panel for this event includes @Afra van’t land and @Keir Regan-Alexander, Senior Architect and Director at @Morris+Company and @Punya Sehmi and @Tom bell – Senior Architect and Director at @freehaus. The event will be chaired by @Nimi Attanayake from Nimtim Architects. Together, they will explore collaboration through the lens of our recent experiences on the City of London School Phase 2-4.

The event, which will be held at [our/Morris+Company’s] new studio, will interrogate how to achieve truly effective and equitable collaboration, and how to use collaboration as a tool to support the growth of emerging architects, help diversify the voices in our field and create a healthy eco-system that benefits the communities we are designing for.

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