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Becontree Primary Workshop

Tim, Jack and Maia headed to Becontree Primary School this week for an engagement workshop with year 4 pupils in relation to our Squaring the Corners commission. The children were engaged, excited and enthusiastic.

The children were asked what 'play' means to them and utilised natural materials (twigs, moss and stones) as building blocks. nimtim we're able to explain ideas around scale and taught the children some basic ways to scale up and down (using scale figures / props) and the site model.

The children were encouraged to create their own mock ups, reviewing and discussing them in relation to how the four corners can can connect together across the streets. Their playscape tested and explored routes and connections with scale figures.

They also had the opportunity to mark out the sites with masking tape and then break into smaller groups taking one corner site per group. They were encouraged to collaborate on ways in which to connect the four corners with crossovers and visual connections.

"Playing is somewhere you’re not stuck in and you can do what you want"

"Logs, balance them to walk across, put them in a pile, make a bridge"

"A tunnel full of hearts"

"A pond for ducks and fishes with path"

"A maze made out of logs you can jump over"

"A bench to lay down in the sun but a shade that pops out"

"A wildlife tunnel and a treehouse"

"Stepping stones and a tunnel to run through"

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