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Becontree school design workshop

Maia was out with our hardworking 3D models for our Becontree project, Squaring the Corners. This week saw Maia at Jo Richardson school working with pupils to consider urban mapping in relation to residents and end users. They were asked to think about where is somewhere people feel happy to meet / could be made better with a built intervention? they talked about appropriate and relevant materials in terms of site specificity and also sustainability.

While out on site they were asked:

  • Identify the best place across the site for a new meeting space, mark this out on your site plan

  • Sketch a concept for your proposal in relation to your urban observation

  • Consider the end users and what they might need to make a meeting space nicer

  • Create a mock-up of your design using paper, tape, a cork base and wire, thinking about the materials and structure this represents

Everything was combined on the 3D models at the end of the session.

Comments on the day showed how much the students enjoyed thinking about how good design interventions at all scales could transform and improve their area.

  • ‘The railings will form a circle round like a big hug. People like circles because they make you feel safe’

  • ‘The canopy will form a shelter but be clear so you can still see the sky’

  • ‘A new solar powered lamp post will make people feel safe in the gardens at night’

  • ‘A bench between the trees will connect them together and make a shelter’

  • ‘There should be a new tree in the centre for Becontree’

  • ‘A bench where people can enjoy food from the takeaway shops’

  • 'The colours are all so dull!'


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