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Brentford residents engagement event

Our first engagement event as part of a large mixed-use development in Brentford. nimtim is working as part of a collaborative architectural team delivering a mixed-use scheme including 200+ homes.

nimtim are designing a new commercial/ community space. As a direct response to the consultation event and concerns of local communities the block will be a flexible and adaptable space to accommodate a range of future uses and includes a generous community garden on the roof.

The primary focus is commercial retail but recognising the rapidly changing nature of high streets and retail, it has been designed in a way that could support a range of functions including community spaces. Given the location of the block at the centre of the scheme, the entire design team wanted to emphasise it as something unique and distinct form the main residential buildings. Therefore the building emphasises transparency in contrast top the heavier and more solid buildings around it. We also recognised an opportunity to create a residential roof garden that could provide a space for residents to grow, play, rest and meet. This green space is at the heart of the new neighbourhood would be a positive visual benefit for the many units that surround and overlook it.

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