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Maia Rollo co-chairs Accelerate Debate: 'What Actually is Feminist Architecture?'

Updated: Feb 9

The team headed to RichMix in Shoreditch to support Maia and listen to a host of incredible spatial practitioners present their Manifesto's on Feminist Architecture. The debate was organised as a part of Open City's Accelerate Debates, a program that seeks to amplify and make more accessible conversations about what it means to practice in the built environment. It was an incredible evening filled with provocative questions, important critique and unique strategies for feminist solidarity.

Many contemporary designers, engineers and architects describe themselves as feminists… but what actually is feminist architecture? Is it architecture designed by women? Is it architecture designed by companies that are owned by women? What exactly makes a building feminist, or not feminist?

Is feminist architecture about the gender of the people who create it or the gender of the communities it serves? Does it look, feel or function differently to conventional architecture? Is it designed or constructed in different ways? Is feminist architecture a process or a product? 

Can feminist architecture be built by an all-male construction force, or commissioned by an all-male client team? Is being a feminist architect about who you work for, who works for you or how you work together? Does feminism necessitate new material choices, novel structural systems, unorthodox teaching styles, or alternative business models? 

And, in a sexist society, is feminist architecture even possible?

At this debate, five speakers outline short sharp micro manifestos answering the big question; What actually is feminist architecture?

More information about the event, and Open City's wider program can be found here:

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