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nimtim have made a Domestika course

Discover how to reimagine existing living spaces and create a sustainable project plan with an original design.

Building a home extension can be a subtle addition, or a radical change. It all depends on your vision, and how you interpret it through your designs. Tim O’Callaghan and Nimi Attanayake, founders of Nimtim Architects, believe in creating sustainable and playful designs that reflect the personality of those who live in them.

Nimi and Tim are here to give you their insider tips and demonstrate their holistic approach to architecture. Discover how to transform an existing space by identifying its strengths and translating its new design in a 3D visualization.

Begin by getting to know Tim and Nimi. They share with you their professional journey that led them to found their architecture firm, which has become well known for its playful transformations of homes around London. Hear about the architects and projects that have inspired them.

Create a series of options for a home extension or transformation, whether for yourself or a client, and prepare a brief. This course is for anyone interested in home transformations or extensions, from architects to homeowners.

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