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nimtim included in New Architects 4 book

nimtim included in the upcoming book: New Architects 4

We are honoured to be included in the forthcoming Architecture Foundation book 'New Architects 4' - the publication will be a showcase of about 100 of the best British emerging practices established in the past ten years.

‘Timothy O’Callaghan and Nimi Attanayake founded in architects in 2014. They describe their work as being about people, and the stories and values t hat they bring to the projects they create together.

Projects range from modest domestic interventions to a £2.2m mixed-use development planned for Peckham in London. In 2014, nimtim completed a house extension in Ladywell that used cork as internal and external cladding. At Low Hall nursery in Walthamstow, nimtim reimagined the 1930s building as a mini-city for children.

According to nimtim, neither scale nor budget is limiting to a project’s conceptual potential. Even the smallest interventions, such as use of bold colour, spatial tweak can, it says, radically change the nature and perception of the things around them.

Nimtim believes that the process of making architecture can have a similarly transformative effect on families, organisations and communities by bringing people together and giving voice to those who might otherwise struggle to be heard. By encouraging a spirit of shared adventure, the practice strives to make the process of creating buildings a joyful one that everyone will remember with fondness.’

See here for a video that we made which talks a bit more about us and our process.

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