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Southwark Design Event 1: Play Spaces

Southwark appointed nimtim, as part of a collaborative architectural design team, to develop landscape designs for a housing regeneration project. This was our first of two consultation events and was a drop-in located in a local play area.

Drawings and informartion boards of new play space ideas were displayed at the event for residents to give feedback on. A 3D model of the site also provided a tool to engage with young children, who used clay and coloured pens to model their own ideas.

Attendees were provided with postcards with questions to prompt ideas and comments on the proposals. Free ice cream was also offered :)

By adding to the model attendees were empowered to be part of the design process. It prompted questions and suggestions with connection to nature and local green spaces coming out as a key priority for local residents as well as a considered playable landscape that could be inclusive of all ages and abilities.

"All ages can use bikes+scooters so something with different levels"

"Remove the big concrete areas, way too much concrete everywhere."

"This will be a great idea as it supports a diverse group of people"

Hills for running, maybe a circuit for adults that includes steps.

"I value the design of the landscape as its very attractive and it will brighten the area"

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